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Feudal Age Rushes

Below are different types of feudal age rushes which are most common. Your result depends upon which strategy you picked and how you executed it. I hope this will help your arabia gaming.

Usual Flush

This Flush is applicable for all civs and mostly those civs which dont get any specific strategy in feudal age. This is somewhat like a range rush. Chief units are spearmen and skirmishers and later archers. Stable is made in Castle age and knights.

Scout Rush

This strategy uses scouts as their early units. Mostly applicable for Huns and Mongols. Franks can also do it. A very good strategy to follow and highly effective for cavalary civilisations. ;flowers

Man At Arms Rush

Uses Militia and later [email protected] as units along with skirmishers. Highly effective when used with Japanese and Goths. A very good startegy.

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