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Motto Of our Team

The main motto of our clan is to promote team gaming and increase communication between players so that players can feel our clan like an E-Home. We focus on improvement of team gaming skills of player which we achieve by playing 2v2 and 3v3 games with proper coordination. This is the only way anyone can improve and learn ;biggrin


†Lord†® was founded in late 2001 year on ZONE (RIP), one of the most prominent and respected families of the community "The Conquerors", for the warriors:

Warrior - Hittler (Godahitt) - Sigui - MuadDib

Until 2005; then the clan moved to LATINCHAT (RIP) and finally in 2007 to CHATZONA and IGZ (Voobly) until 2012. In this course, courageous warriors were recruited, who despite being inactive today, recall with admiration and respect the origin of their †Lord†® roots. Some of them are: Rapids, Oscuro, wOrt, Paladín, Ein, Zuca, Yagami, Keilan, SENNIN, RoCkY, ArNuL, LeOno, KeNnY, Manduks, Ratchet, Maximus, GaboxNet, Killer117, _TIRANO_, Chapaz, •JAKE•, Everley, Dr_Edu, iCoffe (Argenta), Fergus, Fox, Yoda, Hakim, Tex Tex, Luis. Achieving a select group of honorable and courageous players in the community, the family seemed to die with the activities of daily life of each of its members, but a new generation, knowing the legacy had planted a few years ago, beating the difficulties of maintaining the honor and dignity of a true clan; in July 2013 by GR server, Asw, reconstructs the story with the help of Zirius, Imperial and Saleso, Prompted the birth of the oldest and respected clan of all time in Age of Empires II "The Conquerors' Heritage resc tying one of the only true and different clan, honoring the name of the old pioneers martyrs that marked a new dawn of their own destiny, all of its current members. We will be alive for a long time...

Our Search of honourable and courageous members is still going on and we welcome any player who meet our requirement to apply to our clan.

Aoe conqurers:
RM/DM/NPL Lords Lobby
Aoe Age of kings:
Aok-RM/DM/NPL Lobby
Aoe 1:
Aoe Lord Gameing Lobby
General chat:
Lords chat


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