Admission Process:
1.png Have a minimun 200 games in Medieval Siegue Lobby (RM+1V1); rating higher than 1350; Account age 2 years old.

Members' Rules:
1.png Being a LORD's Member, you should behave good to VooBLY community and never get into a dispute between own clan members.
1.png Lower rank members' should Obey the LORDS (Captains) and be with them in most of decisions if they think its right.
1.png Only leaders authorize which members to play for CW and Tournaments.
1.png Any dispute will be directed to founder and founder's decision will be the last and if u disliked it, you are free to leave clan.
1.png Our clan is friendly clan, so play for fun and be happy.

Captains' Rules:
1.png No dispute among captains should be tolerated.
1.png Captains should be respectful and should behave good to all irrespective of being pro or NooB.
1.png Voting can be done to elect new captain and captains should give emphasis to work rather than friendship.
1.png Being inactive for some continued days will result in demotion but you can reclaim your captaincy after you back.
1.png Captains are post to give only those who can be active in forums and do graphic , editing jobs and blah blah blah ;P

Members with more than four months of inactivity will be expelled without warning except ancestors and CW/Tournament winners.

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